Brastel Card You can get the Brastel Card online, to place calls right away or by mail, delivered to your address within a few days.
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The Brastel Card is also distributed for free at the following convenience stores:

Ministop Circle K Sunkus Coco Store Save On FamilyMart
MINISTOP Circle K Sunkus Coco Store SAVE ON FamilyMart

Depending on the convenience store chain, the Brastel Card will be in a rack under the cashier or in the free paper/pamphlet corner. Please check inside the store.
If you cannot find it, the convenience store might be out of stock.

  • When applying for an online card, it can be recharged via credit card right away (there is no need to wait to receive it by mail). The access code and information on how to place calls will be sent in an email upon payment.

  • Brastel only accepts credit cards issued in Japan.

  • Payments through credit cards can be done from anywhere and Automatic Recharge option can be set to have credit added to the card every time its balance reaches ¥500 or less.

  • When applying to receive by mail, the card will be delivered to the provided mailing address within a few days from the subscription day.

  • Cards applied by mail can be recharged through credit cards, Smart Pit or payment coupons.